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Why are your adventure walks better for my dog?

With our adventure walks, your dog gets plenty of physical exercise as we explore the beautiful countryside. By visiting new locations each day of the week they won’t get bored and will love exploring new sights and smells. We further encourage the dogs mentally by playing enriching and stimulating games and by practising basic training. Just Paw Fun adventure walks ensures your dog remains fit, healthy and mentally stimulated to reduce or help minimise behavioural problems and physical health issues. We love being a highlight in your dog's day and returning  them happy and relaxed to their homes.

Why are your adventure walks better for me?

By treating your dog to an adventure everyday, you'll also be treating yourself. Knowing your dog is getting a long walk in the middle of the day saves you time when walking them in the morning and evening. Our adventures will also remove any guilty feeling you may have about leaving your dog at home all day as we break up the day with fun exercise which leaves them happy and tired and likely to sleep all afternoon until your return. 

Where do you walk?

Our solo and group adventures always take place in safe, traffic free locations to minimise risk and maximise enjoyment. Locations are always local to minimise travel time for the dogs and include the South Staffordshire Railway Walk, Highgate Common, Himley Plantation, Himley Hall and Baggeridge Country Park, amongst others. We aim to walk at a different location each day of the week to keep our dogs excited and stimulated.

How many dogs do you walk at a time?

We maintain a ratio of no more than six dogs to one walker, but groups will usually not be bigger than four dogs. We ensure that all dogs in a group have similar energy levels and temperaments, so the adventures are fun for everyone and help to improve your dogs socialisation.


Are your adventures suitable for my dog?

Probably! For our group adventures your dog must be able to walk for 1.5 hours, though we won’t leave anyone behind. Most importantly, your dog must be friendly and sociable with other dogs, but not overly boisterous. If your dog needs a little more individual attention on walks or prefers to be the only dog around, our solo adventures can be tailored to his or her needs. For the safety of ourselves and other dogs, we cannot accept dogs that pull excessively or lunge forward on the lead. We also do not accept dogs that show any aggression towards other dogs or people.

Can my puppy join your adventures?

We would love your puppy to join our adventures once they are fully grown. In the meantime, we offer puppy visits tailored to their needs. Puppy visits start at two 30 minute house visits a day, which each include play time and later, short, local walks. As your puppy gets older, we reduce our visits to one per day and begin going on solo adventures, introducing them to the socialisation and behavioural skills required to be part of our group adventures. Once older and ready, your dog can join our group adventures.

Why do some of your services cost more than other local companies?

We believe our prices reflect the value of the service we are offering. Just Paw Fun don’t aim to be the cheapest dog walkers in the area, but to be the best and provide the best value for money. Instead of a quick walk around the block or saunter to a local park where your dog runs around aimlessly while we sit scrolling on our phones, our adventures are mentally and physically stimulating and provide a fresh, new experience every day.  


What do you do in extreme weather conditions?

We aim to walk in all weathers and will alter the length or location of walks, if required, to ensure safety of the dogs in extreme weather conditions. If we feel the safety of the dogs will be compromised, i.e. extremely icy conditions, thunderstorms or heatwaves, then walks will be cancelled or an alternative solution may be offered.


My dog is really excited to come on adventures with you, what do I do next?

Use our contact form here to get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to meet you. Your free meet and greet session will include an informal chat for us to get to know your dog and for you to ask any questions you may have about our services. During this session we will also take your dog for a short walk to assess their behaviour and temperament. All new adventure group dogs are required to have at least one solo walk prior to joining the group so we can further assess their behaviour on walks and begin to build a relationship with them (solo walks are charged at £20 for a 50 minute off road walk).

Have another question for us or want to join the pack? We're ready to help!